Saturday, August 20, 2011

Tank From 'Left 4 Dead' Game

I'm sure some of you are familiar with the most iconic zombie from Left 4 Dead game , the TAAAANNNKKK!!! Well, this is my first time doing a replica of a character made by another person. Tried to keep it simple without sacrificing much on the original design. Just follow the arrow and the color coded flaps and sides, then you will have your own Tank lurking around on your house.

If any of you is crazy enough to print and make a life size Tank from this paper toy, PLEASE send me a photo! It would be one heck of madness! Hurrr hurr hurrr huuuurrrr...


Monday, May 23, 2011

Keep Your Dream, Even the Random One!

Today is one of the rarest day in my life, I would say it's almost like the once in a life time happy graduation moment. The amazing guys from Plastic Culture and I were going live on national tv talking about designer toys and stuff. The show itself is quite crazy and random, they got 4 hosts who will interview and distract you at the same time. Not to mention the unpredictable audiences. For a moment I felt like we were being interviewed in a zoo hahahaha... But it was a fun way to spend 10 minutes in life though!

I got a kind of unwritten list of the must do things in life, from serious thing like owning a house to just simple thing like owning a dog. Now the 'Appear on TV' is checked! *still smiling while writing this*

While driving back home after the show, I can't stop thinking why on earth I put 'Appear on TV' on the list at the first place.. Maybe because it just sounds cool and crazy? Maybe it's my ego creeping out? I mean other than  "Look Ma, I'm on TV!" shout out, it's almost pointless actually...

Well, no matter how random or crazy it is.. I have no idea how am I going to own a house, keep a dog or to be on TV... It just happened! Which then... Led me to think 'Hey, those saying about dream big to live big is actually true!'.

I guess to keep your ideal dream in life is never a bad idea. Some people highlighted ironic story of "Look how that idealist failed miserably!". Well, idealist or not... don't all we human fails?? One of my random idealist way of life is to appear on tv, I keep that in my heart knowing I could easily fail and maybe someday I will sob on the dark corner pondering why can't I even appear on tv while the world's ugliest dog can...

But I still keep that dream because the bet is too high to be missed.. What if.... I can actually be on TV for what ever random fun reason!? And along came the 10 minutes of glory =)

Have you count how many of your dreams came true so far?

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Sleepy Bunny

Woohoo! I finally finished this Sleepy Bunny paper toy. Actually I have been thinking to make a bunny paper toy since the beginning I started this blog. The thing is my bunny 'Gourmet' always look better than my paper toy design, what a handsome fellow he is...

So here go Sleepy Bunny, he is always sleepy anytime anywhere. The other bunnies often try to wake Sleepy Bunny by bringing him to rock concert, bungee jumping or making him lots of coffee. Pictured here is Sleepy Bunny caught sleeping during dinner.

Download Sleepy Bunny!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Where have I been?

Some of you might notice a significant decrease of blog post compared to last year. So, what the heck happened to the industrious Saltnpaper? Where are the fun new paper toys? Was I abducted by gooey alien? Lost in the tropical rain forest?

For these last few months I have been taking a break from papertoy scene, especially the online papertoy scene. Not that I hate it or anything, it's just that I want to be able to see this paper toy world with new perspective in mind. During this break I get to meet people through some events , I would like to say many thanks if you were one of the people that I met. It's really nice to actually talk and know more about what you think of my papertoy characters. Not that I don't like my fellow blog reader, but I have to admit internet is kinda cold and quiet compared to the real world (a simple 'hello you' comment is like a warm sunshine here, please do so to make me smile ;D)

Anyway, after venturing various toy scenes I also met some interesting fellow toy designers. One of them is from Plastic Culture , they are one of the pioneer to introduce designer toys to the Indonesian audience. Being offered to be one of the resident artist for them really pushed me to a whole new world that I have never been to. Doing various paintings, customizing toys, making linoprint... A great deal of experimentation I would say.

Now to get back to this Saltnpaper papertoy blog. After seeing that exciting stuff that have been happening out there, I think it's fair enough to bring the non papertoy related stuff here. I promise to only post the coolest stuff here though...

One last thing, I actually got these halfdone papertoys design in hand. Which one would you like me to upload first? A sleeping bunny, a cape superhero or a sitting mole? Remember, don't be shy to leave a comment ;)

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Huru-Hara Kaiju Paper Toy

BEHOLD 2011!!! Whew... It's a few days to another new year guys! Finally I get to finish my first  kaiju styled paper toy before new year. This is Huru-Hara a new year resolution monster that will go riot if you don't keep it!

BTW, do check out Plastic Culture toy page for this new year special promo!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Broken Link

I just noticed that Ms. Diamond , Abz Gammon & Speakerdog - Cloudy Dog template link is broken, Mediafire seems to have lost the files. Now all the templates are back online for you to download. I have revised the template for Ms. Diamond too, I hope you will find it easier to build =).

I'm checking back the other links one by one, please let me know if there is another broken link, I will fix it right a way. Mediafire is getting cranky lately, anyone can recommend me a good free hosting site?

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


You might wonder why don't I post new toys as often as I used to. Well, there are some reasons for that matter. First is the dreaded time management cliché between office works and blog post (and sitting around), I think I need to hire someone to whip me every time I start to procrastinate. Second is because I'm trying to find a style that I can settle down with.

After many digital meditations (and sitting around), I think I'm starting to find the path to enlightenment. I always in love with strong graphic, the one with the aura of "Here I Am". Err.. I know that doesn't explain much, but I'm sure you have your own idea of that "Here I Am" thing (I hope..)

Anyway, this piece is called Quad. Derived from Indonesian word "Kuat" which mean "Strong". A colorful reminder of how a strong animal like a rhino is now also under critically endangered level, just 2 more levels to extinction that is.

Quad is my depiction of this gentle creature crying for it's survival.

Sunday, March 21, 2010


Ahoy.. I'm finally back with a new paper toy, Xroom! Actually before I got this idea, I'm doing a rhino but then I feel like its too stiff in term of overall pose and shape. Looking back to most of my previous work which doesn't have much movement to it, I feel like I wanted to do something with more kinetic design.

Xroom is a free runner that always go forward no matter what! Always confident, always progressing!

An update from Sir Gragon, he modified the arms to be attached backward. I like it!

Download me

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Here Come The Boys!


The long awaited package finally arrived from the workshop! 5 Solidboys are now ready for the final touch, we still have to wait for the wood to 'settle down', I'm planning to have them coated with clear matte finishing. The previous experiment with the coating turned out to be much darker than I expected though.

Since the beginning of the first prototype, I have been receiving questions about "how many will be produced?" and "how much Solidboy will be sold?" Well, not that I'm trying to be secretive or something.. The reason I'm keeping it in silent is because I want to balance the pricing, quality and originality. After the long and intricate process now I can share you these:

- Solidboy will be limited to only 5 pieces for each pattern design.
- The price isssss..... (I hope I didn't disappoint anyone) US$200

Unlike paper toys that can be produced alot & almost instantly, working with this wood toy turned out to be very intimate. Especially with the very limited piece, they virtually kind of grows on me.. A bit sad to think that I'm going to send them away their new home too....

The picture that you see above is not the finished artwork since it's lacking the coating. I just can't hold my self to show you all the whole troop of Solidboys ;D.

Do click on the picture to get the hi-res version, it should be big enough for your desktop wallpaper.

As always, you are free to join this fun experiment by dropping any comment.. I wonder what should I try next...

======= update =======
You can see more detailed photos in my Facebook Album
5 of them are all SOLD!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Xmas!

Merry Xmas to all! Our friend Angelcube just did a Christmas custom from Meempee. I hope you enjoy this holiday season, can't wait for the new year countdown party too! FIESTA FIESTA FIESTA!

Download me.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Solidboy prototype v2.0

Ahoy everybody! Thank you for all the great comments about the 1st prototype. This is the 2nd prototype developed from the previous design. The dimension and proportions of the parts are all the same. Amendment is made for the carving, especially to the carving depth, facial and spine pattern. We also decided to slightly enlarge the 'diamond' scale texture to increase the shape consistency, resulting a very accurate repetition. I purposely took this picture with natural lighting so you can really observe the texture, no photography trick is used here.. what you see is what I see.. In a few more days we are going to show you the finished look.

Please drop your comment about this second prototype, together we can make more fun projects =D

Sunday, November 1, 2009

CXV 25

More robotic design from me! I got this shape by playing around with grids and 45degree angle line, resulting a very geometric flow. My random story that comes with this design is:

CXV is the 115th model of the Crawling Xeno Vehicle developed from the foreign technology left by the Great Flying Spaghetti Monster. Combining foreign technology with ours, human started to create many CXV customs with special purposes. By the end of the 25th century CXV become the most iconic machine which can be seen every where from battle field to agricultural field, from rock concert stage to political stage. The nano technology also make the much smaller CXV become a little helper on your kitchen table or even surgical table too...

The one that you see here a standard CXV custom for the army.

Download Me!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Batbot - Custom For Roomism Boxy Bat

Say hello to a custom that I made for the Roomism colaborative project. Batbot is a gargantuan flying automaton designed by mad engineer who is so obsessed with 1980s super robot cartoon, serving no purpose other than to fly around and stomp people as it landed. Be very worry if you see it flying over head...

Download Me!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Fatboy is now Solidboy

Battling with flu and running nose, I'm proud to inform you that Fatboy is making more and more progress now. We arrived in Jepara to meet Mr. Agung who is the sculptor for our long awaited toy. Thanks to the exciting feedbacks from all of you, we are now moving on to the design revision for the second prototype. Hopefully the good Mr. Agung can finish the prototype by end of this month as we are as curious as you are about the revised design.

Another thing is that the wooden Fatboy is now called Solidboy. This is to differentiate the paper toy with the wooden one. Who knows what the future will throw us with.. a concrete Solidboy maybe? So many things to try, so little time =)...

You might be wondering what took us so long and why do we have to trouble our self traveling here and there just to make Solidboy? Well if we tell you that because we are looking for the best sculptor, you might still wonder how good is acceptable skill for our criteria is... Well, a picture tells a thousand words. When we are looking at this wicked piece down here, we know very well that we've found the right place to make Solidboy.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Varna Lynx

At long last, after a very long stare on the wall.. I finally finished with Lynx's skin! I have to admit that so far Lynx is the hardest to skinned, I just can't find the right skin to apply...

This version of Lynx is called Varna (वर्ण), a Sanskrit word for 'color' or 'to enclose'. Varna is a boxer fighter who is having too much things going on in his mind. After enduring years of self conflicts, his skin turned into different colors, each representing different thoughts. The grin that once revealed every time he knocked his opponent down have now become a permanent memento on his troubled face.

Click here
to see the finished Varna paper toy. Make sure your color cartridge is enough to print this dude, as you will need to print 8 A4 pages of this vibrant template. Before I came up with this design, actually I wanted to do a steam punk werewolf.. But til now its still remained as a sketch, hopefully it wont be very long til I turn it into paper toy as well...

If you switch the left-right upper arm, you will get a more relaxed arm pose!

Tomorrow I'm going to Jepara, a small town in Central Java to proceed with the wooden toy pre-production which is now called Solidboy. Expect to see more wooden beauty soon!

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