Sunday, October 11, 2009

Varna Lynx

At long last, after a very long stare on the wall.. I finally finished with Lynx's skin! I have to admit that so far Lynx is the hardest to skinned, I just can't find the right skin to apply...

This version of Lynx is called Varna (वर्ण), a Sanskrit word for 'color' or 'to enclose'. Varna is a boxer fighter who is having too much things going on in his mind. After enduring years of self conflicts, his skin turned into different colors, each representing different thoughts. The grin that once revealed every time he knocked his opponent down have now become a permanent memento on his troubled face.

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to see the finished Varna paper toy. Make sure your color cartridge is enough to print this dude, as you will need to print 8 A4 pages of this vibrant template. Before I came up with this design, actually I wanted to do a steam punk werewolf.. But til now its still remained as a sketch, hopefully it wont be very long til I turn it into paper toy as well...

If you switch the left-right upper arm, you will get a more relaxed arm pose!

Tomorrow I'm going to Jepara, a small town in Central Java to proceed with the wooden toy pre-production which is now called Solidboy. Expect to see more wooden beauty soon!

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Fan of your work. See Varna Lynx in action with one of our plush friends @!/photo.php?pid=3867253&id=320101527849