Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Solidboy prototype v2.0

Ahoy everybody! Thank you for all the great comments about the 1st prototype. This is the 2nd prototype developed from the previous design. The dimension and proportions of the parts are all the same. Amendment is made for the carving, especially to the carving depth, facial and spine pattern. We also decided to slightly enlarge the 'diamond' scale texture to increase the shape consistency, resulting a very accurate repetition. I purposely took this picture with natural lighting so you can really observe the texture, no photography trick is used here.. what you see is what I see.. In a few more days we are going to show you the finished look.

Please drop your comment about this second prototype, together we can make more fun projects =D

Sunday, November 1, 2009

CXV 25

More robotic design from me! I got this shape by playing around with grids and 45degree angle line, resulting a very geometric flow. My random story that comes with this design is:

CXV is the 115th model of the Crawling Xeno Vehicle developed from the foreign technology left by the Great Flying Spaghetti Monster. Combining foreign technology with ours, human started to create many CXV customs with special purposes. By the end of the 25th century CXV become the most iconic machine which can be seen every where from battle field to agricultural field, from rock concert stage to political stage. The nano technology also make the much smaller CXV become a little helper on your kitchen table or even surgical table too...

The one that you see here a standard CXV custom for the army.

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