Tuesday, May 18, 2010


You might wonder why don't I post new toys as often as I used to. Well, there are some reasons for that matter. First is the dreaded time management cliché between office works and blog post (and sitting around), I think I need to hire someone to whip me every time I start to procrastinate. Second is because I'm trying to find a style that I can settle down with.

After many digital meditations (and sitting around), I think I'm starting to find the path to enlightenment. I always in love with strong graphic, the one with the aura of "Here I Am". Err.. I know that doesn't explain much, but I'm sure you have your own idea of that "Here I Am" thing (I hope..)

Anyway, this piece is called Quad. Derived from Indonesian word "Kuat" which mean "Strong". A colorful reminder of how a strong animal like a rhino is now also under critically endangered level, just 2 more levels to extinction that is.

Quad is my depiction of this gentle creature crying for it's survival.