Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Batbot - Custom For Roomism Boxy Bat

Say hello to a custom that I made for the Roomism colaborative project. Batbot is a gargantuan flying automaton designed by mad engineer who is so obsessed with 1980s super robot cartoon, serving no purpose other than to fly around and stomp people as it landed. Be very worry if you see it flying over head...

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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Fatboy is now Solidboy

Battling with flu and running nose, I'm proud to inform you that Fatboy is making more and more progress now. We arrived in Jepara to meet Mr. Agung who is the sculptor for our long awaited toy. Thanks to the exciting feedbacks from all of you, we are now moving on to the design revision for the second prototype. Hopefully the good Mr. Agung can finish the prototype by end of this month as we are as curious as you are about the revised design.

Another thing is that the wooden Fatboy is now called Solidboy. This is to differentiate the paper toy with the wooden one. Who knows what the future will throw us with.. a concrete Solidboy maybe? So many things to try, so little time =)...

You might be wondering what took us so long and why do we have to trouble our self traveling here and there just to make Solidboy? Well if we tell you that because we are looking for the best sculptor, you might still wonder how good is acceptable skill for our criteria is... Well, a picture tells a thousand words. When we are looking at this wicked piece down here, we know very well that we've found the right place to make Solidboy.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Varna Lynx

At long last, after a very long stare on the wall.. I finally finished with Lynx's skin! I have to admit that so far Lynx is the hardest to skinned, I just can't find the right skin to apply...

This version of Lynx is called Varna (वर्ण), a Sanskrit word for 'color' or 'to enclose'. Varna is a boxer fighter who is having too much things going on in his mind. After enduring years of self conflicts, his skin turned into different colors, each representing different thoughts. The grin that once revealed every time he knocked his opponent down have now become a permanent memento on his troubled face.

Click here
to see the finished Varna paper toy. Make sure your color cartridge is enough to print this dude, as you will need to print 8 A4 pages of this vibrant template. Before I came up with this design, actually I wanted to do a steam punk werewolf.. But til now its still remained as a sketch, hopefully it wont be very long til I turn it into paper toy as well...

If you switch the left-right upper arm, you will get a more relaxed arm pose!

Tomorrow I'm going to Jepara, a small town in Central Java to proceed with the wooden toy pre-production which is now called Solidboy. Expect to see more wooden beauty soon!

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