Monday, May 23, 2011

Keep Your Dream, Even the Random One!

Today is one of the rarest day in my life, I would say it's almost like the once in a life time happy graduation moment. The amazing guys from Plastic Culture and I were going live on national tv talking about designer toys and stuff. The show itself is quite crazy and random, they got 4 hosts who will interview and distract you at the same time. Not to mention the unpredictable audiences. For a moment I felt like we were being interviewed in a zoo hahahaha... But it was a fun way to spend 10 minutes in life though!

I got a kind of unwritten list of the must do things in life, from serious thing like owning a house to just simple thing like owning a dog. Now the 'Appear on TV' is checked! *still smiling while writing this*

While driving back home after the show, I can't stop thinking why on earth I put 'Appear on TV' on the list at the first place.. Maybe because it just sounds cool and crazy? Maybe it's my ego creeping out? I mean other than  "Look Ma, I'm on TV!" shout out, it's almost pointless actually...

Well, no matter how random or crazy it is.. I have no idea how am I going to own a house, keep a dog or to be on TV... It just happened! Which then... Led me to think 'Hey, those saying about dream big to live big is actually true!'.

I guess to keep your ideal dream in life is never a bad idea. Some people highlighted ironic story of "Look how that idealist failed miserably!". Well, idealist or not... don't all we human fails?? One of my random idealist way of life is to appear on tv, I keep that in my heart knowing I could easily fail and maybe someday I will sob on the dark corner pondering why can't I even appear on tv while the world's ugliest dog can...

But I still keep that dream because the bet is too high to be missed.. What if.... I can actually be on TV for what ever random fun reason!? And along came the 10 minutes of glory =)

Have you count how many of your dreams came true so far?