Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Here Come The Boys!


The long awaited package finally arrived from the workshop! 5 Solidboys are now ready for the final touch, we still have to wait for the wood to 'settle down', I'm planning to have them coated with clear matte finishing. The previous experiment with the coating turned out to be much darker than I expected though.

Since the beginning of the first prototype, I have been receiving questions about "how many will be produced?" and "how much Solidboy will be sold?" Well, not that I'm trying to be secretive or something.. The reason I'm keeping it in silent is because I want to balance the pricing, quality and originality. After the long and intricate process now I can share you these:

- Solidboy will be limited to only 5 pieces for each pattern design.
- The price isssss..... (I hope I didn't disappoint anyone) US$200

Unlike paper toys that can be produced alot & almost instantly, working with this wood toy turned out to be very intimate. Especially with the very limited piece, they virtually kind of grows on me.. A bit sad to think that I'm going to send them away their new home too....

The picture that you see above is not the finished artwork since it's lacking the coating. I just can't hold my self to show you all the whole troop of Solidboys ;D.

Do click on the picture to get the hi-res version, it should be big enough for your desktop wallpaper.

As always, you are free to join this fun experiment by dropping any comment.. I wonder what should I try next...

======= update =======
You can see more detailed photos in my Facebook Album
5 of them are all SOLD!


Graphtoyz said...

Bravo, great toys, congrats !

Sjors Trimbach said...

Absolutely stunning! First response: WANT! Second: Where do I get 200 dollars.
Price is good, the detail is fantastic.

Brian said...

These look amazing, I'd love to buy one once they become available. Is there a mailing list?

Saltnpaper said...

You can send me an email to saltnpaper (dot) creation(at) gmail.com for mailing list. Thanks guys!

Jenn said...

These look fantastic! I'm huge fan of wooden toys in general, but am always in awe of the more detailed ones like these. Great job! I plan to showcase you on my wooden toy blog!