Sunday, March 21, 2010


Ahoy.. I'm finally back with a new paper toy, Xroom! Actually before I got this idea, I'm doing a rhino but then I feel like its too stiff in term of overall pose and shape. Looking back to most of my previous work which doesn't have much movement to it, I feel like I wanted to do something with more kinetic design.

Xroom is a free runner that always go forward no matter what! Always confident, always progressing!

An update from Sir Gragon, he modified the arms to be attached backward. I like it!

Download me


Anonymous said...

very cool, really gives the impression of speed.

Anonymous said...

zoom zoom!

Anonymous said...

finally, i found your blog.
i had mistaken writing your URL =="

oh, yes. you said at the workshop yesterday you will teach me, how to made that fantastic robot type paper toys. :P
I'm the boy who made a fish like paper toys <'|||>< hehehee.
[uumm, can i ask a favor? please send me my paper toys pic and all of the contestant paper toys pics, cause i accidentally delete my paper toys pic. ==" ]

umm, you said you will contact me by e-mail. so this is my e-mail

by the way, the Xroom is really cool. hahahhaa :)
oh, yes could you tell me also how to design the templates to make paper toys?

thanks before :)
umm, and sorry for my bad English
maybe we could use Indonesian language? :P

sir_gragon said...

I've completed your model but I made a mistake. I have attached arms backwards and I give more sensation of speed.

It is an idea.

Your work is excellent

Saltnpaper said...

Hi Sir Gragon!

Great modification, I even think it's better to be attached backwards indeed =D. I will link your blog so people can see it too.

kue bolu said...

Jooo.. I like this one .. Like want to run like that :p

Zachary Nc said...

Hi, may I know how much time is needed to fabricate or make this paper toy? Seems very interesting to me. Hmmm...

Zachary Signs off