Friday, July 31, 2009

Lynx Development 3

So, here goes the final step before we can work on the skin design. After making sure that the 3D model is clean, I export it to Pepakura. Pepakura is a handy little program made by the japanese to help paper craft designer unwrap their 3D model. Despite the magical and smart unwrapping result, the procedure is very straight forward.

First you will be asked to determine the front side of the model. Then you will be asked if you would like Pepakura to do some adjustments, please don't ask me to explain what kind of adjustments is that, normally I just click OK/Next and hope the model is still in 1 piece...

After Pepakura finished asking me random question, I just need to click UNFOLD button and SHAZAM! On the right hand side window you will see the template of your 3D model. While this program is handy to some extend, there are always some part that you might want to tweak a little. The glue flap position, connecting sides, overall size, parts position, etc. Once you are done with it, I will export the template to EPS and work on Illustrator.

This Illustrator part is the final cleaning session before I can work on the skin design. Normally I will clean out the unnecessary folding lines and combine some shapes. To test the model, I will print a dummy model from the template that I'm working on. For Lynx, my concern is the on the head part. I need to get around with the construction design so we all can get the exact head shape with minimum confusion for the assembly.

Lucky for me the little night elf help me to get things right! Look what I got in the morning:

Gee..... I wish that little night elf really happened.

The truth is while I wanted to share the process on how to tweak the template to the very detail of it, I just can't because there are just too many things to jot down. In short: Yes I need a lot of adjustment to get the right template. But I have to admit that I'm very happy with what I got now compared to just a little sketch I made last time.

With this blank dummy, I will then stare at empty space until an inspiration came upon me. I hope I didn't have to stare too long this time...

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