Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Departure

The ICU chapter is finally over and the funeral went well. I still remember the moment when my father's heartbeat dropped second by second on the ECG monitor, it's like watching new year's eve countdown on TV, instead this time it's very calm and quiet. I must say the room is suddenly filled with the kind of composed quietness that I never felt before. Especially after the good doctor and nurses perform their final duty and close the door.

The funeral was attended with at least 400 guests, I'm sure my father will be very happy to know the guest list. Some guests reveal funny little secrets about my father, some shares good advices, some offered amazing supports and overall it created a good farewell mood.

Now... I'm sure there are plenty of you who are hungry for a new paper toy, please wait a little longer while I 'cook' something for you all.


Anonymous said...

We do not know each other, and it would be wrong, unknown to you, to connect emotionally to your personal pain and grieving. The only thing that I can offer, appropriately, is my condolences.

Thank you for your passion of the past, may I be lucky to enjoy it in the future.

angie said...

I'm really very sorry for your loss. Stay strong, and he's in a better place now :)

on a brighter topic: Love your blog. I've had lots of fun reading it and trying out the projects you post and stuff. Keep up the awesome work!

Anonymous said...

god bless you in this very tough time. wishing you the best!!

Francisco said...

Without even talk to you, I feel you like a friend to me, since the first post I read your blog and love it, and it´s like a talk each word you write.

You don´t know me, but I know you from your blog, and can say you are my friend. I don´t know if you are understanding my horrible english, but i wish you stay strong and happy. We all have losses in life and cant do nothing about it, so, the best thing to do is rise our head and move on, preparing ourselves for the best, and the worst.

Keep the good job and stay well.


Anonymous said...

My first visit to your blog and this is what I read.

I am sorry for your lost. And I am sorry I couldn't attend the last farewell to your daddy.
I didn't know bout the news.

Be Strong Jo, he rests in peace and surrounded by his loved ones.