Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Have you ever experienced months where there are so many bad news came from people that are close to you? Well these months is my turn, after a series of bad news, the latest one came from my ex student who passed away few days ago. These are the days where I feel like I'm walking between 2 different world. The ignorant-suicidal world and the struggling-for-the-next-breath world.


This one is a variant to Fatboy, originally made for my friend with his positivity group 2 years ago. After seeing so many sombre news these days I think we all need something to keep us going and going and going... Every time I design a paper toy, I always remind my self to design something that will make people smile. If this one can make you smile, give me a buzz so I will know how many happy faces is caused by this yellow fellow!


Unknown said...

Another great work!
In these days,a lot of us need Positiveboy.
With a smile,rocketroll.

Anonymous said...


Love him ~ hope you feel better soon!

Anonymous said...

Very nice, great message.
So,did you ever get him made in vinyl?
Scott Schaller
Nice Paper Toys

Anonymous said...

Very Cool. It certainly made me smile. I will enjoy creating this one and showing it to my students (5th & 6th graders) -- especially since tests are coming up. Thanks for the smiles!

Bethany said...

Smiled! Thanx.

Saltnpaper said...

I'm glad you guys like Positiveboy!

@Scott Schaller
Not yet Scott, I haven't find my way to the vinyl toy industry.. any tips?

@Paper Drama
Say a big and warm "Hello" to your class will you =D

Smiled back right at you!

Unknown said...

I've been working on this craft I found through the paperkraft.net blog. I really like the positivity of the model, but for people stumbling upon this in the future.. I think you might need to touch up the template a little bit, or even adding more instructions to it.

One of the things that's given me a lot of trouble is the head, and your little picture of the head is nice, but doesn't give to much direction. Also scoring lines instead of the little arrows on the sides would make it easier as well.

Just thought I'd give a little insight.

Saltnpaper said...

Thank you Ian, sorry for the mess. I will start uploading instruction for the next paper toy. Anyone having problem in making my paper toy, feel free to drop a contact via my moderated comment. I won't publish t so you need not to worry about spam.

Cheers & Happy Easter!

Unknown said...

Ok, well I finally found some time to finish up this craft. I have everything else assembled, however still kind of stumped on the head. The way that it seems like it would fit looks nothing like the picture.

On the head were the little horns I guess you could call them, the two top ones have the word glue and a line just at their base. Now do I score these just below that? and then just sit the head piece on top of the torso like that?

Just trying to finish it up that's all, thanks for any tips.

fnda said...


Graph Toyz said...

Excellent! Very good papertoyz ;)

Anonymous said...

awesome job
looking forward to having this guy sitting on my desk keeping me positive =]