Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Lynx Development 1

Post by post, I'm doing more things from my to-do checklist. One of it is to post a behind the scene progress. People often ask me how to start creating paper toy, what software I used, where to find inspirations, etc... Well, I hope this post will help you know what's the best technique for you...

Frankly, I don't really have any standard operating procedure in designing paper toy, it's more kind of going with the flow... When I got an inspiration block, I often condition my self to a more conducive state of mind. I go to bookshop, observe people as they past, surf the internet, watch movie, read magazine, check out the toy shop, play some new game, anything to stimulate my right brain. Say I feel like I want to create something girly, I will read girl magazine... Or maybe when I want to create something robotic, I will try to see a lot of mecha design, play some robot game maybe...

Once I feel like I have enough stimulation, I will then 'close the book' and 'isolate' my self to start working with the design... I think it's very important for me to do this, otherwise I will keep on wasting the time with movies/games/books/etc and missed the inspiration train. On the other hand, some time ideas just popped out of no where... just like this fellow:

I designed this during my work trip out of town... As you can see, I don't use fancy sketch book (not that I against it), most of my design was born on a scrap paper. I always like to improvise and see what happen next... First thing I want to make sure is I got the character's silhouette right, the bold marker outline help me concentrate with it. Sometime it took me few days or even weeks to get the right shape. But as for this, I'm happy with what I got.

Next post I'm going to show you the 3D visualization... meanwhile, feel free to drop a comment if you want me to explain on something that I might missed.

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Ednaldo said...

Hi, good morning - or maybe night as I live in the other side of the globe - Santnpaper!

Well, nice to read about your creation processes.

Hope you continue so criative as you are for as long as ever.