Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sofia Bali Custom (Barong)

My first custom ever. As a big thanks to 3eyedbear for designing Voodoo Stubey custom, I decided to custom his Sofia paper toy with Balinese touch to it. Bali is definitely my super most extra favorite island so far.

Focusing on 'Barong', the king of the spirits and also representing the good side. Balinese like to tell share their culture through dances and performances, as for Barong usually the story is about the battle between the good and evil. Balinese also believe that besides the good and bad, there is also the 'not so good & not so bad' aspect in life. Thus represented with the gray color in the checkered flag like pattern.

It would be cool to see designers from around the world introduce their culture in a funky way.

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