Sunday, December 21, 2008

Help needed!

Sorry to summon you all in this busy holiday season.

I have just submitted Fatboy & Cargo to patchtogether! It's been my biggest dream to produce a vinyl toy, in fact it is the very reason I'm making paper toy... Those vinyl is just to darn expensive to produce... So here is the chance to make it happen I guess. Just like Obama, I need your help to change the dream into reality by voting them Here for Fatboy and Here for Cargo, can't decide who will you vote? You can even vote for both of them Hohohoho... You will be ask to register before you can vote, but I promise you it won't take long and most importantly it won't hurt you, your e-mail and your computer.

OK Ladies & Gentlemen, Thank you so very much for supporting. I hope I didn't interrupt your last minute gift shopping (~_^).

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