Tuesday, September 23, 2008


It seems that I'm ahead of schedule this time. I found a lost dog last month... wait... the lost dog found me last month, that's more proper way of saying it.

One morning when I'm about to go to work, a dog came into my front yard and carelessly seat on my foot as if he knows me. As a person who never own a dog and even have a series of traumatic experience with dog, I was like "What the heck is this dog doing on my foot...". Since that day, that dog is attached to me and I started to learn more about overcoming my trauma and mild dog phobia.

This is Sachi, taken from Japanese word which mean happiness or good fortune, in Mandarin, the same character is pronounced as Xing (correct me if I'm wrong). Considering the high number of Stubey's download hits, Sachi will also play around your desktop, as a name card dispenser. He is quite simple to make, took only 1 paper to print. Less paper - less tree chopping - less homeless monkeys - HURAY!

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Anonymous said...

ini portopholio lu ya?

keren2 :D

Saltnpaper said...

sebetulnya dibilang portfolio juga ga, lebih ke hobby aja... makanya disebar gratis dengan semangat non profit, sukur2 banyak yang suka.. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

haha wah semangat non profit.. koq bertentangan dengan semangat business man sir? dger2 bukan lagi mw berbisnis2 ria?=D less homeless monkeys!! HURRAY HURRAY!!!

Anonymous said...

we have wanted a puppy for some time but with 7 under one small roof and a chocolate business here too a dog is not possible... so this one will be great! thank you!!

Unknown said...

gue tau tuch posisinya! waktu si sachi ngegigit kaki gue keknya.. haha