Friday, May 30, 2008


Here goes me first post... Behold 'The Fatboy'! I have been keeping this little dude for quite sometime. My first paper toy design attempt that I did during my leisure time at the office a few years back (ah, history). Thanks to pepakura and 3dsmax, now I can focus more on the sketchbook while petting me rabbits rather than measuring strange cutout millimeter by millimeter...


Anonymous said...

Even though I keep trying, i still can´t figurte how to paste the head, think you could give me some more detailed instructions?

Nana Roomism said...

Nana here from Singapore. Interesting papertoy design.
May I know the "Fat boy" it's design & made by you? I'm looking for original design of paper toy artist. If you interested to join our show, Kindly email me
Glad to know you here.

Best regard,
Nana Pong